Things to Know

10 Things to Know About

Dust and Mop

1) The Management and Cleaning Staff are Trained Professionals!
Our quality and competence is demonstrated as we provide over 5,000 professional cleanings to over 200 residents each year. We know the cleaning business!

2) Security Is #1 On Our Priority List!
We pride ourselves on conducting two thorough national AND county criminal background checks.

3) Our Clients Depend on Us.
We will never “no show” you. You can count on us!

4) We Manage Our staff!
The most common dilemma people face with cleaners is the awkwardness of voicing a complaint. Leave the quality control to us. We monitor and motivate our staff. We have wonderful, hardworking and happy cleaners.

5) Dust and Mop is Consistent.
We provide you with the same day and time consistently based on your recurring rotation.

6) One Cleaner.
We provide one cleaner to your home for recurring services. Our customers LOVE our solo cleaning concept.

7) Our Customer Service is Top Notch!
We are not like any other cleaning company. We provide EXCELLENT customer service. We never leave an issue unresolved.

8) We Appreciate All Our Employees.
Our customers know that not only do we pay our employees well above the industry average, but we also appreciate the hard work that they do in your home. Happy employees, make happy customers. Our customers find our employees to be professional, friendly and caring.

9) 24 Hour Answering Service.
We understand that not all business happens between the hours of 8am-5pm. We have a 24 hour answering service, 365 days per year. When we are not in the office the message will be delivered via email to our on call employee.

10) We Give Back to our Community.
We are a proud partner of Cleaning for a Reason (, providing women with FREE cleanings who are undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.