Our Team

Charline LeBlancOffice and Customer Service Manager

Charline is a native of Massachusetts.  For 22 years Charline tossed pizza’s and scooped ice…

Tamara HCleaning Technician
Kasheka BCleaning Technician
Patricia BCleaning Technician
Deidre BCleaning Technician
Jamie ReaderCEO

Jamie is our leader and owner at Dust and Mop. She started Dust and Mop…

Julie BCleaning Technician
Bianca BCleaning Technician
Darleen HCleaning Technician
Sharon CCleaning Technician
Sales and Customer Support
Patti NCleaning Technician and Trainer
LaShonda BCleaning Technician
Cyara JCleaning Technician
Shirley TCleaning Technician and Trainer
Rose ECleaning Technician
Elizabeth CCleaning Technician
Amy OCleaning Technician
Sharmaine JCleaning Technician
Maggie FCleaning Technician

Dust and Mop is a professional house cleaning company

Why customers choose Dust and Mop



Easy Scheduling Options

We offer our customers reliable and trustworthy scheduling. We will never “no show” a customer.


Customer Service

The Best in the Business

Our customers always come first and we want every customer to be 100% satisfied with their cleaning. Call us within 24 hours and we will make any corrections necessary. We are not a franchise but locally owned and operated.



Hand Selected and Trained Team

We seek employees with specific characteristics and traits, not just anyone, to join the best professional cleaning team in the area. Every individual who works for us in an employee, not a contractor, and speaks fluent English. By requiring our employees to go through two thorough background checks, both state and national, we can be certain that we’re only hiring the best.