House Cleaners In Raleigh, NC

If you’re coming home from work to spend your limited free time cleaning and doing household chores, it’s time to hire some extra help. With the services brought by Dust and Mop’s house cleaners, residents in Raleigh, NC are able to enjoy their free time entirely by leaving their house cleaning in the hands of those professionally equipped to handle them.

Dust and Mop’s house cleaners are professionally trained to pay attention to detail and offer a full service that guarantees customer satisfaction in Raleigh, NC.  

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Homeowners in Raleigh, NC looking to hire professional house cleaners need a company they can trust will get the job done properly, and that their personal space and time are respected.

At Dust and Mop House Cleaning we value our client’s trust. Our employees are hand picked and trained to reach specific standards of performance, such as our Perfect Maintenance Cleaning (PMC) concept. This is a structured cleaning concept created by us in order to guarantee customers can enjoy thorough and consistent house cleaning every time.

With our 24/7 customer service, we work every day of the year so you can be certain that no issue is left unresolved. We ensure you with a positive experience and complete customer satisfaction.

We offer our clients one time and recurring house cleaner services that adjusts to your schedule. This includes weekly, biweekly and monthly cleaning services.

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Regardless of the frequency of the job, whether it’s a one time clean or regular home cleaning service, our professionally trained house cleaners at Dust and Mop in Raleigh, NC are here to help.

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