COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Home Sanitizing Cleaning

Cleaning for health is an important and concrete step you can take to protect your home against the novel coronavirus . Dust and Mop House Cleaning has taken industry-leading steps to make sure that all of our client’s homes are being cleaned and sanitized with our hospital grade disinfectant. We are seeing an increased demand for professional cleaning services and many of our clients are increasing frequency and/or adding our high touch disinfection of high touchpoint surfaces in the home add on package. We are taking extra steps to safeguard your home and clean for health and improved hygiene. 



Door panels

Door handles/knobs

Kitchen cabinet & drawer fronts, handles/knobs

Bathroom cabinet & drawer fronts, handles/knobs

Kitchen appliance handles & dials/touchpad (Oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave)

Kitchen and Bathroom faucets

The exterior of your Keurig/coffee pot and other exterior small appliances on your counters

All light switches & plates throughout your scheduled service areas

Your TV remotes

Laundry room appliance handles, dials/touch-pads

Stair railings


Your home has been safely and effectively cleaned and sanitized


You can now book your appointment using the form below
3 Hours - $135
4 Hours - $180
6 Hours - $270
Select More Than 6 Hours for a custom package
*If you do not have a credit card on file, you appointment is only confirmed once we have called you to confirm
If you have a credit card on file, your appointment will be confirmed via email
Last minute specials are non-refundable

Hourly Cleaning Information:



  • A written priortized list is required.  Please leave the written list on the kitchen counter, with your most important items at the top. The cleaner will check off the items that were able to be completed in the time purchased.  We ask that no items are communicated verbally to the cleaner.
  • This special is designed for basic  house cleaning. Deep cleaning needed for  extensive scrubbing for areas with buildup are NOT included.  We can hand wipe items in the home (baseboards, trim, blinds, etc.) however if there is excessive buildup there would not be time to remove the buildup.  We highly recommend that if you home has excessive buildup you purchase our Top to Bottom cleaning.  We have found that our hourly cleaning  specials  do not allow enough time for excessive scrubbing which may be required in some areas. 
  • We accept credit cards only to secure this appointment and the payment is processed after the service has been completed.   
  • This is a non-refundable service if cancelled.
  • Cleaners are not allowed to move furniture or heavy items.  Our cleaners climb as high as they can safely reach on a 2 foot step ladder. 
  • This is for 1 cleaner for the allocated number of total hours purchased.  If you need more thank 4 hours, please contact the office at 919-600-4497



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