Home Cleaning Services In Morrisville, NC

Life as a homeowner is busy enough as it is. Between balancing the responsibilities of daily life, work and family while also trying to enjoy as much of your limited free time as possible, finding the time to do chores and maintain the house in order can be nearly impossible. If this is your case, it may be time to consider hiring a professional housekeeping service. 

At Dust and Mop we pride ourselves in offering reliable and professional home cleaning services to Morrisville, NC homeowners, who find that our punctuality and attention to detail are exactly what they needed. 

Why Our Clients Trust Us

As an independently owned and operated business we make it our mission to offer a high quality, full service home cleaning that keeps our clients satisfied. Rather than working with contractors, our employees are paid well above the industry average and go through thorough background checks and training in order to provide an outstanding service. 

When hiring our home cleaning services, Morrisville, NC homeowners can rest assured that their time is respected just as much as their home. We always adjust to our customer’s schedules and are committed to never missing an appointment, offering anything from one-time housekeeping to weekly, biweekly, or monthly recurring services. 

Our customer service line is on hold for our clients questions and concerns 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, while our Perfect Maintenance Cleaning concept, a structured cleaning protocol developed by us, ensures our customers get consistent house cleaning every time. 

Contact Us Today

At Dust and Mop we proudly provide a full on, high quality service that leaves nothing behind. We offer our customers reliable and trustworthy scheduling by always putting them first and keeping them satisfied. 

If in need of home cleaning services in Morrisville, NC, contact us today so we can offer you a free quote, answer all of your doubts, and schedule an appointment.

Dust and Mop is a professional house cleaning company