How to Clean Your Home Faster – Essential Tools

The most important item you need to clean your home faster is a cleaning apron! Yes an apron will help you clean faster. Why? Time is wasted walking back and forth from your cleaning products. Here are some tips for cleaning supplies and products that are a must.

Cleaning caddy with handle, to transport supplies.

Microfiber cloths; spritz product onto the cloth till just damp.

Blue Scotch-Brite sponges — the “scrubby” side is non-abrasive.

All-purpose cleaner for counters, glass, mirrors.

Oil or water-based cleaner for stainless steel; mixing the two will cause clouding. How to tell?

Spray cleaner on your hand. Oil-based feels oily, water-based dissipates.

Secret weapon: Magic Eraser. “Thirty seconds to remove soap scum from glass shower doors!”

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