How to Clean your Coffee Pots and Pod Coffee Makers

What gets used every day but rarely gets the cleaning attention it deserves? If you said coffee maker, you are correct. The coffee maker is most people’s source of energy and smiles in the morning but sadly; they rarely get cleaned as often as they should. It’s best to wash the removable parts daily (carafe or reusable pod) and the remainder at least once a month. This removes and prevents hard water minerals and calcium deposits from building up and causing your machines to perform poorly.

If you have a traditional coffee maker (like a Mr. Coffee), you probably wash the carafe after making the day’s pot of coffee but do you wash the reservoir too? Even though you probably use a coffee filter when making your morning brew, you still need to clean everything regularly. Fill the coffee maker’s water chamber with equal parts white vinegar and water. Using a paper filter, allow to brew until half the chamber is empty. Turn the coffee maker off and let it sit for 30 minutes, then finish brewing. Rinse the machine by using a new paper filter to brew a pot of clear water.

One of the most common coffee machines in homes these days are pod coffee systems like Keurigs or Nespresso machines. These take a finesse to clean but can be done easily and should be done at least once every 3 months at the most. Similar to traditional coffee makers, you’ll want to use equal parts white vinegar and water. Fill the reservoir with half water, half white vinegar and run a brew cycle without a K-Cup or Pod. Repeat brewing until the reservoir is empty, and then repeat the process with only water to remove the vinegar taste. Make sure to rinse the reservoir once you’re done running the plain water brew cycle. It is also recommended to use spring or bottled water (not distilled) to clean your pod coffee system.

Keeping your coffee maker clean is the key to keeping the coffee flowing. Regular cleanings prevent buildup of minerals and calcium deposits and ensures delicious tasting coffee. A clean coffee maker looks great in a clean kitchen so call Dust and Mop to schedule your regular home cleaning.

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