How to Clean a Bathroom – Part 1

Dust and Mop is a Raleigh house cleaning service, we also clean houses in Cary, Apex, Morrisville and Holly Springs.

At Dust and Mop we have specific methods and equipment we use to help us maximize our cleaning time and efforts of our cleanings.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you save time when cleaning your bathroom.

1.  If you have a glass shower door – use a magic eraser on the glass, it will easily remove the soap scum and buildup in seconds.

2.  Have a good mold/mildew remover.  Pre-spray your tile shower if there is a significant build up in your grout.  At Dust and Mop we use professional grade products however there are some great consumer mold/mildew removers on the market.  One of my favorite is Clorox Clean Up.

3.  If your bathroom is dusty or has a lot of hair (I am surprised I have any left in my head with all the hair that falls onto my floor!), sweep and dust first before you get anything wet.  Dust and water don’t mix!

4.  Pick a point in your bathroom to start and work around the room in a clockwise motion.

5.  Make sure you have the proper equipment and supplies….coming in How to Clean a Bathroom – Part 2

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